Below are tips to create the impression of space in your home.

Mirrors are a brilliant way of making your home feel more spacious, especially in small areas where they can make rooms look wider or longer. The use of mirrors in hallways is often used to reflect the light and colour which increases the feeling of space.

When choosing furniture you must be careful as for example having a large table in your kitchen can make the room look cluttered and smaller than it actually is. Roman blinds as opposed to curtains are also a useful tip and suitable storage is essential so that no clutter is visible.

The use of neutral colours and the same flooring downstairs helps to give the impression of space as one room flows through to another. The use of bright carpets and confusing patterns should be avoided. These tips are to help ensure you create the feeling of space and a relaxing atmosphere in your home, which shall in turn allow you to achieve the maximum possible price for your property.


First impressions are everything

It is believed that the decision to buy a property is made within the first few minutes of viewing and so the garden plays a vital role.

Flowers and hanging baskets are a sign of a cared for and well maintained property, lawns should be trimmed and trees cut back. Hanging baskets and pots can also be used to make your home look welcoming and cared for.

Due to peoples busy lifestyles many don't have time for gardening and so potential purchasers often look for a low maintenance garden that is still attractive. The back garden is important in selling a property and so a desirable outside space is vital, decking and paving can help to simplify the garden and again create a low maintenance, yet useable space. Trees, hedges and fences should be controlled and maintained.

Improving your gardens is a low-cost method of increasing the value of your property as first impressions are crucial.


The kitchen plays a key role in selling your property; it is often the heart of the home and so needs to be welcoming and attractive. Irrespective of your budget we have a few tips that can help increase its appeal to buyers.


Attracting buyers doesn't mean you must replace your whole kitchen, this can be costly and everyone has their own taste. However if your kitchen is rather dated simply painting the cupboards, re- grouting, replacing handles and taps can significantly change the look and feel of your kitchen.

Some viewers may even look in your cupboards and so it important that it is clean and de cluttered. You must remember that not everyone is keen on animals and so pet bowls should be put away. Work surfaces should be kept as clear as possible to increase the sense of cleanliness and space. Flowers will also ensure the kitchen looks attractive and provide a pleasant fragrance.


The property market is competitive and so having the edge on other properties is crucial. Potential buyer will often drive through the areas that interest them and so having a good 'kerb appeal' shall help attract buyers.


There are a number of ways to get buyers through your front door, it is important that your property looks respectable from the outside and so you need to try and put yourself in the buyer's position. You need to look at your property from a buyer's perspective, what does the paint work look like on the property? Does the front door look presentable?

Make sure the gardens are trimmed, no rubbish or clutter outside your house, the hanging baskets don't have dead flowers in, the path to the house is clear, any toys are put away and if possible bins are also out of sight.


If you require a prompt sale then there are a number of things that you can do. Firstly if you offer your property to the market at a realistic price you shall considerably increase your chances of selling quickly. If you are presented with low offers don't immediately dismiss them without thinking them through, as a quick sale could save you money in the long term.

As already mentioned first impressions count and so the presentation of your house both on the inside and out is important, a tidy garden and a fresh coat of paint to the front door and windows can makes a difference. If there are any small jobs that you have been meaning to do, such as replacing light bulbs or carpets being cleaned then ensure that they are done.

An auction is one possible option for a quick sale, your auctioneer should be chosen carefully as they shall have the sole signing authority for the sale of your property. You shall also need to be aware of the cost for auction and the financial consequences if the property fails to sell at auction.


One benefit of selling at auction is that a premium price is reached for your property without the hassle of prolonged negotiations and other delays, however a number of factors must be considered before selling at auction.

It is important that you fully understand the auction process and what shall happen on the night of the auction, you should meet with the auctioneer at your property so that you can ask all the required questions. You must ensure that you receive written confirmation of the 'Terms of Business' and you are aware of all the cost implications.

An auctioneer who is a chartered surveyor is very much advised to ensure you are given the best professional representation.

The auctioneer shall sign all the relevant paper work at the auction on your behalf; this means that you do not need to attend the auction if you do not wish to.


When selling a property is can be a complex and long process. Before accepting an offer you should always consider the buyers situation, for example if they are homeowners you will want to know if they have sold their property or if it is on the market. You will need to know if they have a mortgage agreed in principle and if they are part of a chain, you should also find out how soon they would be able to complete as if you receive an offer and they can exchange quickly then this might have more benefits than waiting till you receive an offer at the asking price. When negotiating on your property it is best to ask and allow your agent to do this as due to their experience they should be able to increase the offer. Remember this is what you are paying your agent for- good, professional advice.

The conveyancing then begins when the offer has been accepted and solicitors have been instructed. The legal term used when property ownership is transferred is conveyancing. This is the stage at which your property should be taken off the market.

The buyer is likely to instruct a survey to be done on the property to reveal if there are any problems with the property, if this is the case then they may choose to decrease their offer or even withdraw the offer. If this leads to re negotiations it is advised that you request to see a copy of the survey.

It is crucial that when the contracts are exchanged that you read the contract carefully and that it is understood if any, what fixtures and fittings are to be left and make sure you are happy with the completion date.


When selling your property it is important to remember the safety of you and your family. When selling you have to remember that it is strangers that you are letting into your home, you must ensure that you get all the viewers details from your agent, when the viewers arrives make sure you check their name and details with them. If you are going to be alone doing the viewing then it is recommended that you inform a neighbour that you have a viewing or ask someone to accompany you when you have the viewing.

It is important that you are friendly when doing the viewing but be careful not to divulge too much personal information, you should also not reveal if you are going on holiday or times when your property might be empty.

However if you don't feel confident or comfortable to do the viewings yourself then we are more than happy to do the viewing for you. All that is required are the accurate details regarding alarm codes and a set of keys to access the property, you shall be informed of all viewing dates and times and the viewer's details.

The use of a sale board is advised on certain properties, one problem with a sale board is that people may come and knock on the door and ask to view, however if this does happen you can simply ask them to contact us and we can arrange the viewing.


It is important that you place your property on the market at a competitive, realistic and accurate price; below are five tips to help ensure this.

  1. Housing markets are local
    Many people take note of national reports for an indication of how the property market is doing, but you must remember that housing markets are local, when researching house prices research specifically into your area and even street.

  2. Recognise the trends and price accordingly
    It is important to not only be aware of current house prices but to try and establish which the market is moving. If the trend seems to be that house prices are dropping 1% each month and you wish to sell within the next four months, then initially you should drop the asking price by 4%.

  3. Seek advice from the professionals
    The best way to gain accurate information regarding the property market is to ask a local and reliable agent. It is advised to seek advice from agents who are members of the RICS as they are qualified and professional.

  4. Look at property from a purchasers prospective
    If you want to sell your property you must present it to the market at a realistic price, even though the house may hold a number of lovely memories and sentimental value for you, it won't for the buyer. Immediately buyers will be thinking about what they can change and do to the property to suit their lifestyle and taste.

  5. Know what you can afford to accept
    When selling a property you must not only have a figure in mind that you would like to receive but a figure that you are willing to accept. If you establish these figures initially this shall make the process and negotiations easier.

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