House Valuation

Getting the most accurate house valuation for your property is essential. Generally house hunters search within specific price brackets, price your property just over the thresholds and the number of prospective purchasers looking at your property will drop significantly.

As a firm of Chartered Surveyors, we benefit from employing qualified surveyors with comprehensive knowledge of what issues might potentially be highlighted at mortgage valuation stage, or if a Homebuyer or Building survey is to be undertaken. This experience means we can advise on more technical aspects of any sale and in many cases negotiate to ensure your sale remains on track.

Preparing your property for a house valuation

For many when considering moving, your focus may be on creating a new life, in your new home, but before you start thinking about packing up and moving on, it is important to remember that your current property needs to attract as many potential purchasers as possible.

To sell it quickly and for the best price, we need to ensure your property stands out when compared to competing properties on the market in your area.

It is sometimes very difficult to be critical of your home, having lived there for many years, however the odds of finding a purchaser with the exact same taste and lifestyle as you, are slim, so don’t leave achieving a sale to chance.

CPR (Consumer Protection Regulation)

As a  seller you have an obligation to comply with the CPR (Consumer Protection Regulation 2008) we are able to explain CPR in greater detail to ensure you remain compliant. To assist in the marketing of your home and ensure you remain compliant make sure you provide us with all relevant information relating to your property. Any guarantees, title plans, planning consents, Architects drawings etc, will all help Charnock Bates provide factual and comprehensive advice to all prospective purchasers.